About Property

As you open the door to the “Los Pelícanos” building at Punta Marina, you will feel an overwhelming sense of beauty and peace. Located in a private, hillside complex overlooking the ocean, the condo has a panoramic view of Zihuatanejo Bay, the town, and the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy this breathtaking view from the huge private terrace, dining area, kitchen, open-air living room, and two of the bedrooms.

Built in 2008, this spacious 2,500-square-foot condo offers plen..

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Area Attractions

Playa las Gatas

In a small nook on the south side of the Zihuatanejo Bay, Playa las Gatas can take a while to reach on foot. You might be better off catching one of the skiffs from the main pier on the resort’s waterfront, shuttling across the bay five times an hour...

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Ixtapa Island

At Playa Linda you can catch a water taxi out to this unpopulated islet (50 pesos for a return). Ixtapa Island has four beaches, each with a different orientation, but all screened from the brunt of the Pacific Ocean.

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With its warm seas and vibrant marine life, it’s no shock that Zihuatanejo is a big-time diving destination. There are seven...

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Water Sports

If you have a snorkel and flippers you can slip into the rockier parts of Zihuatanejo’s beaches to glimpse an incredible...

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